What are the advantages of purchasing through Meta Motion versus purchasing directly from the manufacturers?

At Meta Motion we have years of experience dealing with motion capture hardware and software and integration with a wide variety of software programs for many different uses. Since we provide such a large range of technologies we can always help you fulfill your motion capture desires and requirements in a variety of ways depending upon what you wish to accomplish. Additionally we have a wide range of solutions at the lower end of the price spectrum such as Margulis motion capture software that sells for less than $600.

What are the advantages of the various technologies Meta Motion provides?

The PhaseSpace system provides extremely accurate data that requires about two thirds less cleaning than other optical motion capture technologies. Additionally the system is easy to set up and can even be used in full daylight as well as many situations where conventional optical motion capture could not be used. The system is easy to set up on location and greatly maximizes use of the available capture volume.

Systems by Animazoo provide accurate and easy on-the-body recording and make it quick and easy to take motion capture just about anywhere you need it.

Our Di-o-matic products provide exceptional tools for character animation that just aren't found anywhere else. Of special note is Maskarad, a powerful and easy-to-use markerless facial motion capture software.

IPiSoft Desktop Motion Capture software is extremely inexpensive though very powerful. The software sells for less than $600.