Motion Capture Samples

Motion Builder 7.5 Demo Movies

An Introduction
An introduction to Autodesk MotionBuilder 7.5. Take a tour of this exciting real-time animation suite, with an overview of animation capabilities found within MotionBuilder.

Character Interaction
MotionBuilder 7.5 creating and use of advanced character interaction setups, allowing character rigs to be inter-dependant with the new Double Solve functionality.

Animation Enhancements
New keyframe animation tools and workflows, with enhancements to the Pose Controls, working with animation in the Transport Controls and new key interpolation options.

Character Enhancements
MotionBuilder 7.5 now supports characters with inverse knees and elbow joints.

General Feature Demos

The Basics of MotionBuilder 7
Character setup, creating a rig and setting up the floor contacts. Use of Control Rig to manipulate and pose your character. Keyframing the full body character and individual body parts. Layers use in the Function Curve Editor to adjust and refine animation.

Motion Editing in Autodesk MotionBuilder
Retargeting of animation from one character to another. Editing existing animation on a character using the Control Rig and Layers.

Autodesk® MotionBuilder™ 7 Part 1
Enhancements to the Control Rig with adjustable look and feel, including visual feedback. Creating extensions, advanced floor contacts and UI enhancements.

Autodesk® MotionBuilder™ 7 Part 2
Enhancements to Handles, visual keys, and Save/Load character functionality.

Character Setup and key frame animation (OMG! The Crazy Frog!)

Learning Movies

Opening Sample Files
This movie shows you how to find and load Autodesk MotionBuilder's
sample characters and motions.

Selecting an Effector
This movie shows how to display the character's Control rig so that you can select its effectors either in the Viewer window or the Character controls.

Adding Animation
This movie shows how you can take new animation and add it to your character.

Editing Animation
This movie shows you how you can edit and fine-tune animation once it has been added to your character.

Unlocking Body Parts
This movie shows how to unlock body parts so that you can move your character's limbs.