Optical Motion Capture

PhaseSpace Cameras

The Motion Capture Industry has been revolutionized by the PhaseSpace Active Optical Motion Capture System. Finally the industry has an optical system that is easy, affordable and fast and extremely accurate. Easy to learn and use - Single User operation.


Thanks to PhaseSpace's patented technology, age-old problems (marker swapping and dropouts and data jitter) have been eliminated.

The IMPULSE Motion Capture System delivers real-time tracking of 128 unique active markers, unlike older optical systems which use passive reflective markers. Even when a marker is hidden from the cameras, the correct marker will be recognized the moment it returns to view. This allows the actors to enter and exit the space (get a running start etc.). Since no marker templates or asymmetry is required initial marker setup time is much faster.


The IMPULSE System provides the highest resolution at the highest frame rates in the industry:3600 x 3600 pixel resolution at up to 480 frames per second. This unmatched performance is achieved by two high-resolution linear detectors providing the equivalent of a 12.4 megapixel camera in real-time. Sub-pixel technology digitally enhances the resolution to 30,000 x 30,000. A 60 degree Field-of-View allows capture in smaller spaces and yields larger capture volumes than possible with typical optical system.


Most optical motion capture systems rely upon data filtering to clean-up the jitter inherent in passive optical mocap. The resulting ultra-smooth data is unrealistic and and the resulting animation becomes generic due to loss of nuance.

The PhaseSpace system provides raw data that is so clean that no filtering is necessary even when capturing the most subtle motions such as breathing. The IMPULSE system has a true data capture rate of 480 Hz (frames/sec) . All of these features can be enjoyed in real-time, with less than 10ms latency.


Cost of Operation is an often overlooked concern in the process of purchasing a Motion Capture solution. The IMPULSE system (up to 24 cameras) is powered by a Single PC, and can be managed entirely by a Single Operator. The cameras are daisy-chained and connected to the PhaseSpace HUB using standard Ethernet cables enabling you to setup cameras with the greatest of ease. Without all the tedious setup and data cleanup, you can go from capture to production quickly and cost-effectively.


The PhaseSpace IMPULSE system is ultra-portable and a capture studio need not have static camera configurations. Calibration of the system in any configuration takes less than 5 minutes. With a single computer and cameras that are small and light, this system is built to travel. The IMPULSE system can be used day or night, indoors or outdoors, with no interference. Scalable Architecture (4 to 48+ cameras per system) allows you to cost-effectively customize the setup to meet your demands and also for increased capture volumes as need requires and budget allows.