Hand and Facial Motion Capture

Standard Deviation 2D Face Tracker

All the available face-tracking devices rely on optical or video technology. Real-time trackers for performance animation generally consist of a lightweight video camera that is pointed at the performer's face and moves with the head. The video camera watches the 2 dimensional motion of a set of markers or dots that are attached to the face. Various configurations and marker sets are possible, but the following basic configuration is generally the starting point: Sides and tops of lips, cheeks, eyebrows, and perhaps top and bottom of eyelids. The recorded motion can be used in several ways:

Meta Motion offers the Standard Deviation face tracker for performance animation and facial tracking.

AVSoft Face TrackerThe Standard Deviation Face tracker represents a breakthrough in comfort and ease-of-use for face tracking. The Standard Deviation face tracker attaches so securely that it can even be worn while doing jumping jacks or other extreme motions. Prices with the FT2000 software start below $10,000. The Standard Deviation face tracker is available in infrared or video (color) versions.