Motion Capture Suits

IGS-190 Specifications


Setup Time

15 minutes

Suiting up Time

5 minutes

System Boot to Capture

7 Minutes

System Weight No Battery

2 kg

Actor Size & Weight Range


Suit Material


Inertial Measurement Units


No. of Joints/Rotations Sensed


Optional Switches

6 Digital

Sensor Resolution

0.01 Degree

Sensor Calibration

Delivered Calibrated

Wireless Range

Up to 200m

Simultaneous Wireless Actors


Operating Environment

Dry 0-40°c

Ability to Roam


Magnetic Interference


Occlusion / Marker Swapping


Global Translation Sensing

Yes - Calculated

Optional Prop Channels


Capture Rate: Frames/Second



NiMH rechargeable pack

Battery Run Time

3 hrs (per pack)

DC Input

7.2 to 9.6v


12 months parts & labor

Software Upgrades

Free for 12 months

Phone & Email Support

Free for 12 months

System Requirements

P3 or higher, 256 RAM

User Operating System

XP, Vista, Windows 7

Other IMU Systems
Configurable actor skeleton
Yes No
Alter actor skeleton after mocap session
Yes No
Partial System Capture
1-19 Gyros to Operate Req. all Gyros to work
Stream data online
Yes No
View Multi Suit Without MotionBuilder
Yes No
Data Size
1MB per 1min (60fps) Huge
Data Continuity After Wireless Interruption
Continues Seamlessly Stops
4 suit together without MotionBuilder
Yes No
Hybrid Sonar for exact 6Dof
Yes No
Switches for Actor control of session
6 switches None
Speed of Gyros
1200 degrees/sec. 800 or 1200 deg/Sec.
Clavicle Gyros
Yes No
Extra gyro Spine capture
Yes No
Auto Contact Editor for Footsteps
Yes No
Auto actor Skeleton editor
Yes No
Version of software
9 2
Solid Mushy/Wobbly
Live events
Yes Yes
Accurate data
Yes Yes
Data cleaning levels
Minimal High
Free of muscle & clothing artefact
With Editor No
Sensor placement
Anywhere on limbs Exact area
Sensors employed
19 gyros in dance suit 16 gyros in dance suit
Angle Data
Direct from sensors Direct from sensors
Magnetic interference compensation
Available Available
Preserve Nuance
High High
Capture fast moves
Yes Yes
Local motion accuracy
High High
Rolling around on floor
Excellent Good
Easy & Simple to Use
Yes Yes
System callibration
Automatic - 5 mins Automatic - 5 mins
Install to mocap - beginner
Up to 30 mins Up to 30 mins
Install to mocap - expert
Up to 15 mins Up to 15 mins
Solo operation
Yes No
Plug and play
Yes Yes
No Solving
Yes Yes
Straight from skeleton to character
Yes Yes
Totally Portable
Yes Yes
Outdoor use
Yes Yes
Large Capture Area
Yes Yes
Up to 200m radius Yes
Occlusion free
Yes Yes
Marker swapping free
Yes Yes


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