Optical Motion Capture

Motion Capture Rental

Optical motion capture rental is offered by Meta Motion via a PhaseSpace optical motion capture system with 24 twelve-megapixel camera optical motion capture system - easily capable of capturing 2 or 3 performers simultaneously with extreme accuracy. Capture volume  as currently configured  is nearly 20’x30’x8’. Since the system uses active-LED technology performers can even enter and exit the space during capture; markers are recognized instantly as soon as they enter the capture volume.

Prices are competitive with other mocap houses even though the raw data is exceptionally clean, has no marker swapping and requires little or no filtering. Additionally clients can gain further savings of money and time by cleaning the data themselves.

Capture can be done in San Leandro, California (close to Oakland International Airport) or onsite. Remote capture is possible as well – allowing far-away clients to direct and view capture session in real-time from the comfort of their own computer (with broadband connection).

Motion Capture rental is often a good intermediate step for clients who have a near-term deadline and want to get more experience with the PhaseSpace system before purchasing a system for future projects.

For more information about rates and scheduling please use this form or call Meta Motion at 415-289-9550.