Motion Capture Suits

Animazoo Motion Capture Suits

Animazoo is proud to have some of the brightest minds in the industry, all working to deliver award-winning precision motion capture systems. We’re a creative bunch, with years of experience in the field of human movement analysis.

Since the early 90’s they’ve been at the forefront of developments in the motion capture arena. Animazoo’s aim has always been to simplify mocap technology. With some of the sharpest thinking and most advanced technology around they have created intuitive systems that make motion capture more accessible.

It’s not just Animazoo who thinks their systems are great – Animazoo products are used around the globe by a host of household names. Animazoo works closely with our customers to understand their business and ensure they get the most from the system.

Animazoo software is now in its 9th version and includes innovative features not available in any ‘on-the-body’ systems.