Optical Motion Capture

PhaseSpace Hardware

The IMPULSE motion capture system has some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced hardware. All of this technology was designed specifically to make motion capture easier. PhaseSpace has taken all the hard work away from the user and packed it into the hardware. The entire system consists of only a few elements, each designed to be powerful and portable.


Resolution: 3600 x 3600 (12 Megapixel) using two linear detectors with 16-bit dynamic range. Sub-pixel Resolution of 30,000 x 30,000 at 480 Hz.
DIMENSIONS: 4.25" x 3.62" x 2.17"
WEIGHT: 0.5lbs


This 2.4 Hz Transceiver synchronizes the LED controllers with the server. The LED Base Station also outputs outside time sources such as GEN-LOCK and IRIG-B. Customization is available for integration with a TTL, SMPTE, etc.
DIMENSIONS: 5" x 3" x 1.2"
WEIGHT: 0.3lbs


phasespace motion capture serverThe PhaseSpace Motion Capture System runs efficiently on a single server computer. Utilizing the latest quad core processor, the server collects and processes data from up to 48 cameras. The server outputs 3D position data at 480 Frames per Second with less than 10ms latency. Multiple client computers can connect through a network or across the internet for real-time remote motion capture
DIMENSIONS: 12.75" x 8.75" x 8.5"
WEIGHT: 12.5lbs


Each LED modulates at a unique frequency resulting in a unique digital ID. LEDs are available in Red visible and Infra-red versions.
DIMENSIONS: 20 x 14 x 3.2 mm (.8" x .55" x .125")
WEIGHT: 4.5 grams
(0.16 ounce)

motion capture driverLED CONTROLLER

The LED Controller, an RF transceiver, utilizes an onboard microprocessor to control up to 72 LEDs. Battery charge duration is 2 to 4 hours of continual use, up to 8 hours of typical use. The IMPULSE system can use multiple LED Controllers simultaneously.
DIMENSIONS: 126 x 70 x 25mm (5" x 2.75" x 0.85")
WEIGHT: 4.5 grams (3.17 oz.)


The IMPULSE system uses standard CAT-5 ethernet cables to connect between the cameras, base station, and server. This allows for maximum user customization. Each server, using a single processor, can connect and power up to 48 IMPULSE cameras. The base station provides an RF signal to the LED controller. The RF channels can be adjusted to circumvent any radio interference. Each LED controller can drive a maximum of 72 active LEDs.


PhaseSpace motion capture suits are made from form fitting spandex which allows the user/participant to easily put the suit on or take it off. The suit comes with built-in wire channels and LED mounting points. Made from breathable lining material, the suit allows for maximum comfort and excellent ease of use. Suits are available in sizes ranging from Extra Small to 3XL.

Meta Motion can provide customized versions of the suit that easily fit on over street clothes.