Motion Capture Uses

Motion Capture for Television

Motion Capture is finding many uses for television since the PhaseSpace system and Animazoo's IGS-190 motion capture system have such strong real-time and performance capabilities.

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Motion capture is the perfect tool for producing topical animations such as those produced by Klik Animation in Montreal, Canada. They've done shows where they get their concept at 9 in the morning and have a 5-minute animated piece done in time for the evening news. Their PhaseSpace optical motion capture system is a fantastic asset for situations like this that require a super-fast turn-around time so that the animation is done while the topic is still fresh.

Motion capture is also very an intriguing concept very useful for game shows or elaborate productions that are done live before an audience.

Certain types of performance can be taken to an entirely new realm by using motion capture to drive 3D animated characters. This provides highly creative tools that can further enhance the actor's performance - essentially allowing many 'other actors' (animators, technicians, etc.) to control the performance in real-time while keeping production costs very low.

Episodic TV can greatly benefit from the use of motion capture - resulting in a look that is fresh but extremely cost-effective to produce.