Motion Capture Suits

IGS-190™ Motion Capture System


IGS-190 has redefined motion capture. Learning curve is 5 minutes. Requires little or no calibration, yet delivers ultra-clean data with little or no clean-up. The resulting production efficiency dwarfs every motion capture system ever developed.

It uses 18 small solid-state inertial sensors (‘gyros’) to accurately measure the exact rotations of the actor’s bones in real-time for amazingly lifelike motion capture. The system can easily be worn beneath normal clothing. IGS-190 system works well with laptop computers and is compact and lightweight enough to fit in a briefcase. An optional 19th sensor can be used to record motion of ‘tools’ or ‘implements’.

With their vast wireless range and super-clean data, IGS-190 suits can be used to record up to 64 actors simultaneously – a feat that no other motion capture system even comes close to.

IGS-190 features superb integration with Autodesk MotionBuilder. Also includes stand-alone driver for output to BVH, as well as a top-notch SDK for developing custom drivers.


IGS-190’s extreme accuracy provides cleaner data with better capture of nuance than all other systems. Required cleanup is a tiny fraction of the amount normally needed for optical motion capture systems.

IGS-190 can also be used with Animazoo's new ExacTrack system or with the PhaseSpace system or optical mocap systems by Vicon and Motion Analysis in a ‘Gypsy Hybrid’ configuration. This feature allows the optical system to provide absolute positioning of the actor’s root node; resultant IGS-190 data needs no cleanup, and the number of real-time actors (optical plus IGS-190) is greatly increased without the exponential cleanup normally expected when capturing more than two actors at once.


Data capture that requires little or no cleanup affords an enormous saving of time and money. This increased pipeline efficiency allows studios to produce better animation more quickly, with less work.


IGS-190 allows animators and directors to accurately create complex scenes and elaborate character motions in real-time that would normally take weeks or months to visualize, capture and cleanup. IGS-190 is perfect for movie and game pre-visualization and production.

IGS-190 is perfect for quick and accurate recording of famous actors’ motions, thanks to the unmatched pipeline efficiency it affords. Also ideal for digital puppeteering of CG characters.

The IGS-190 is the perfect tool for the following fields:

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