Motion Capture Uses

Motion Capture for Ergonomics
Product Development

file saveMotion capture is essential for enhancing the ergonomics of various industrial and consumer processes. Although ergonomics as a field provides good scientific knowledge about what works well and what doesn't work well for the body, practical testing via motion capture rounds out ergonomics studies and helps make sure that they apply across a broad range of body sizes and types.

Process enhancement is essential for developing industrial workflows that maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing the reduce of injuries ('sprains and strains') in the workplace.

Software such as UGS Jack and Jack and Process Simulate Human integrate ergonomics with plant design while taking into consideration the actual motions performed by individuals of various shapes and sizes while performing the necessary tasks.

Ergonomics is also a very important factor when designing business and consumer products such as office chairs, desks and cars etc. motion capture can even be used in conjunction with force feedback hardware and software to drive real-time simulations allowing a test subject to sit in and drive virtual car forts even built while evaluating the location and size of armrests, cupholders, steering wheels and gear shifters etc.