Motion Capture Suits

IGS-190 Hybrid Motion Capture System

IGS-190-H (Gyro-Sonar Hybrid)
Whilst gyroscopes on the IGS-190-M provide rotational data, complex algorithms within the Animazoo software provide positional data based on footstep calculations. This is extremely accurate for one IGS-190-M but when using two together a drift can occur between them and result in extra post processing and clean up.

To solve this issue Animazoo introduced ExacTrax in 2008; an ultrasonic tracking system which provides absolute global position (as opposed to calculated global position) to each IGS-190-M system. Positional data can easily be merged with rotational data during post processing within Animazoo’s patented Editing Suite. This revolutionary system provides clean and accurate inertial data for up to 4 suits captured simultaneously.

ExacTrax is made up of a number of Sonar Processing Units (SPU). Each SPU controls 4 microphones. By strategic positioning of each microphone a capture area can be created.

The more SPUs and microphones, the larger the capture area can be.

An ultrasonic emitter fitted to the IGS-190-M main processing unit transmits an ultrasonic pulse which is detected by the microphones and triangulates the emitter's global position. This is much like the reflective markers of an optical motion capture system being detected by cameras.

The Animazoo IGS-190 Hybrid does not suffer from sonar occlusion. If the emitter is occluded the data from the IGS-190-M takes over. This also happens if the actor should walk out of the capture area.

Single IGS-190-Hybrid
A 20 sonar sensor is coupled to a single IGS-190-M to make an IGS-190-H which comprises of:

1 x IGS-190-M
5 x SPU (20 Microphones + 4 spare)
3 x Sonar Emitter (1 operational + 2 spare)
1 x Operating PC (including operating software)
Cabling for typical 6m x 6m capture area.

Double IGS-190-Hybrid
For multi person capture an 8 SPU studio package is available which contains the following:

2x IGS-190-M
8 x SPU (32 Microphones + 4 spare)
4 x Sonar Emitter (2 operational + 2 spare)
1 x Operating PC (including operating software)
Cabling for typical 8m x 8m capture area.

Please note that a extra operating PC or Laptop is required for multi person simultaneous capture.

IGS-Mini Hybrid
For integration with IGS-30 and IGS-40 systems a single SPU package is available which contains the following

1 x IGS-Mini (IGS-30/40)
1 x SPU (4 Microphones + 1 spare)
3 x Sonar Emitter (1 operational + 2 spare)

Please note that for 360 degrees of capture, microphones may need to be fitted to ceiling.