Motion Capture Uses

Motion Capture for Education - Robotics

Over the years we've had a number of clients that use our various technologies for robotic control. Some of the interesting uses we discovered are:

Training robots: several toy manufacturers have used our products to train humanoid or quadrupedal toys (such as Ugobe's Pleo dinosaur). Our products have also been used to train animatronic devices for theme parks. One of our clients is a professor at MIT whose students used one of our Gypsy torso systems to train robots.

Robotic control: we have a number of technologies that are applicable to realtime robotic control such as the Accelegloves, Cybergloves and 5DT gloves.

Verification of robotic tracking: one of our clients at Purdue is using a PhaseSpace system we provided as part of a feedback loop for tracking robots.

If you have questions about how some of our technologies may be useful for your particular application please contact us via the information on our contact page and will be glad to answer your questions about the different options available to you.