Markerless Motion Capture

iPi Desktop Motion Capture

Markerless Motion Capture

Markerless Motion Capture

Starting at $150 for 30 days!!!*


iPi Desktop Motion Captureā„¢ is a markerless motion capture
software program that is ultra-affordable.

The software ranges in price from $595 to $995 and is even available as a fully functional free 30 day trial version. Cost per license greatly decreases with purchase of multiple seats. Educational discounts save schools, faculty and students an additional 50%. Now high schools and even grade schools can afford their own motion capture systems.

iPi Desktop Motion Capture lets you capture motion in your studio, office, on-site or even in your garage via 3 to 6 inexpensive web cams (approximately $30 per camera).

This technology is perfectly suited to small studios, schools, students, freelance animators and hobbyists.

The software allows output of BVH and several other popular formats for use in the following programs and more:

3D Studio MAX




Second Life

Light Wave





Daz 3D


*Yes - that's $5 per day for all you can mocap (for 30 days).

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