Hand Motion Capture

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Acceleglove Motion Capture Glove SDK

The AcceleGloveâ„¢ is a light-weight glove with seamlessly integrated sensors that lets you use your hand to control any computer application or device.

The AcceleGlove can be used for Silent Communications, Robot control, Medical Rehabilitation, Telemedicine, Training, Gaming, and Virtual Reality/Simulation environments. Some demonstration videos are available.

The AcceleGlove software makes it easy to capture direct hand-motion data as well as to recognize gestures from either a pre-trained library or a user-trained library.

The contents of your AcceleGlove SDK package include the following:


  1. An AcceleGlove with 6' USB cable attached.
  2. A CD containing the User's Guide, Drivers, Visualizer software and Java API

Download User Guide

Download SDK Brochure

Acceleglove Sign Language Products

AcceleSpell is computer software that recognizes the handshapes of American Sign Language (ASL) using the AcceleGlove, an amazing sensor enabled glove that lets you know if your finger formations are correct.

The AcceleSpell package includes:

  1. Three fingerspelling software programs that work with the AcceleGloveâ„¢
  2. One AcceleGlove with 6' USB Cable Attached