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iPi Desktop Motion Capture™ - FAQ

What is the quality of animations created with iPi Desktop Motion Capture™?
See for yourself

Can iPi Studio capture facial animation?
Not yet though facial motion capture is planned for future releases. iPiSoft's current focus is bringing affordable full-body motion capture to the mass market.

Do I need an HD (high definition) camera to capture animations with iPi Desktop Motion Capture™?
You can use a 640x480 or 320x240 camera. Higher resolutions improve results but not dramatically. HD cameras will be useful in future versions after impementation of facial motion capture.

Is iPi Desktop Motion Capture technology real-time?
Not currently. The process involves recording one to four simultaneous videos then using iPi Desktop Motion Capture™ for post processing. Processing typically takes 5 to 15 seconds per frame (depending on your video card and your CPU).

For video processing, you should utilize a fast graphics card since all processing / calculations occur in the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of the video card. The recently released NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 is much faster than older video cards due to architectural improvements. If you are working with a smaller budget you can get an inexpensive desktop graphics card like the GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon 4850.

How do I record multi-camera video using webcams and a PC?
Use iPi Recorder™.

How is iPi pronounced?
The name stands for I ('eye pie')

What are the components of iPi Desktop Motion Capture™
iPi Recorder™
iPi Studio™

Can I try it for free?
Yes - please visit our download page.

Is there an educational discount?

Qualified Students and Faculty Members from approved academic institutions are eligible to purchase iPi Soft products under the terms of the Educational Licensing Program.