Optical Motion Capture

PhaseSpace Software

Because of the patented active LED technology, we have reduced the reliance on complicated software to resolve marker positions. Unlike traditional motion capture systems that require users to template markers or place them asymmetrically, the IMPULSE system resolves the unique IDs automatically. This allows our software to be uncomplicated and very easy to use. PhaseSpace also includes a full C++ and Python API to allow you to write your own custom software. All of our software runs on both LINUX and WINDOWS.


This is the "Master" program, it acts as the primary client to the IMPULSE system. Clicking a button starts the system then multiple client nodes are able to connect as slaves. Master also acts as the main recording program. Master outputs in our own native .RPD format as well as .C3D.


This is the main interface to configure and setup the IMPULSE system. Written in PHP, Configuration Manager can be accessed directly through any web browser. Therefore, this allows the motion capture system to configured remotely through a network or even the internet.


The IMPULSE system is unique in its quick and easy calibration. In a two step process that takes less than 5 minutes combined, the system will calibrate in almost any space and any configuration. Like all PhaseSpace software, the calibration software can be run remotely on a client machine.


MotionBuilder is the premier motion capture software in the industry. Using the PhaseSpace plugin, the IMPULSE system is able to stream real-time data into MotionBuilder. Streaming in as optical data, users are able to take advantage of all of the motion capture features of MotionBuilder.


VRPN is a library of classes in C++ developed by the University of North Carolina that provide an abstraction layer for many types of tracking devices. It is favored by many companies and universities as a method to reduce development overhead by having a common API to interface with a variety of hardware devices. VRPN opens up a new layer of compatibility with VRPN capable software, such as 3DVIA's Virtools and WorldViz's Vizard. The IMPULSE system is compatible with VRPN as of version 7.13.