Optical Motion Capture

PhaseSpace Motion Capture Gloves

PhaseSpace is proud to introduce our finger-tracking solution, the IMPULSE glove. Using existing IMPULSE technology, real-time finger tracking is now possible. When used in conjunction with the IMPULSE suit, we can provide real-time full-body motion capture. The IMPULSE glove plug-in for Motionbuilder allows for real-time streaming of glove data directly into MotionBuilder.


These durable gloves come with eight LEDs total: one the tips of the fingers (two LEDs on the thumb), and two LEDs on the back of the hand. As with all PhaseSpace LEDs, the glove is also available with infrared LEDs. The glove is connected to the multi-LED board.


This multi-LED board, capable of driving up to 8 LEDs, is easily attached to the glove for a minimal footprint. Once the glove is connected to the board, the board is connected directly into the IMPULSE suit to allow for full-body capturing.


Just click and import into MotionBuilder. Once imported, having real-time visualization is as easy as dropping markers into their respective slots and then activating the actor.