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Getting a job in the industry

Important things to remember:

Though it is important for you to be sure that a particular job is really something that interests you, the person reviewing your application is really more concerned about what you can do for them. How will you make their job easier? How will hiring you help them look good? Can you make the company more money by developing a better product or a better process or through your increased diligence?

It is difficult to say how unimpressive it is when we get calls from students on cell phones while they are walking to class or running to catch a bus. Students calling us that need help writing a paper is a definite no-no. An interruption that distracts us from work and offers no potential for return from our efforts is really disappointing. There's a lot of information available on the web. Do your research.

Basically it comes down to this. If you are asking someone to pay you money to perform a service, are you asking them to provide a one-way favor (helping you with nothing in return - not even a good feeling)?

On the brighter side, if you are clear on what you have to offer and how it will help your employer and/or the company you are seeking employment from, and why you want this job (aside from paying bills), that's a big plus.

Good luck with your job hunt.