Motion Capture Uses

Motion Capture for Education
Medical Studies

Motion Capture provides a new insight into biomechanics that lets students make the connection between facts and figures and actual body-functioning.

The PhaseSpace system is so accurate that an active-LED marker can be attached to the subject's sternum or rib cage to allow tracking of a someone's breathing in real-time at up to 480 Hz (frames per second). This ability to cleanly and accurately capture nuance can also help diagnose tremors, providing an objective way to measure the effects of treatment or medicines and their role in causing or eliminating ticks.

The extreme precision of the PhaseSpace system an also provide tremendous insight for future osteopaths or chiropractors regarding the interaction of the spinal vertebrae.

Motion Capture greatly enhances an instructor's ability to pass along their knowledge of how the body works by letting them show their students how the body works.