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Motion Capture - Why use it?

MoCap can provide substantial time savings for animation projects. One of our clients captured 197 animations during 15 hours of recording with the Gypsy motion capture system. He estimates it would have taken one of his animators 4 months to accomplish the same amount of work.

Motion capture can make the animation process much easier, especially when trying to recreate character animation that is realistic, such as the interaction of multiple 3D characters, or characters engaged in sports activities. Simple 'ambient animation, such as a character standing around doing nothing, is much easier (and more realistic) when captured than if these subtleties where animated by hand.

Mocap easily captures nuance. During a recent demonstration of the Gypsy motion capture system, we loaded a recording of a female actor walking onto a very aggressive looking 3D character. The results were hilarious. Our client's 'rough and tumble' character had a walk that was obviously feminine.