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IGS-190 Technology

Animazoo Operating System

Though the IGS-190 systems operate in real-time in MotionBuilder, Jack, Unreal, Panda 3D, Unity, and Quest 3D; capturing data in the Animaview operating system software offers some strong advantages for production work. Features and modules added in the last 14 years of development will help you get the best data out of your state of the art hardware.

Animazoo OS features:

Animaview Features:

Animazoo Editing Suite

Early on in our journey as a manufacturer of motion capture equipment we realized the data always needs cleaning. and the challenge we quickly learned was how to not lose the fluid life-like quality in the data as a result of editing, which is invariably what happened to the data when cleaned in third party software like MotionBuilder. Another problem was how tedious the cleaning process was proving to be. That's when we decided to come up with our own editing suite, designed to clean without destroying.

Clean Footsteps

The Animazoo Key Frame Editor operates on the premise that clean footsteps translate to easily cleaned, good-looking data. It specializes in correcting jumps, climbs or descents, effects of skin, muscle or clothing artefact on the root sensor and most importantly, clean contact between the floor and all the body parts that might need to touch the floor, specially feet (also head, shoulders, elbows, hands, knees and the buttocks). The Editor will eliminate wobbly or mushy foot-steps with one keystroke. Doing the same in MotionBuilder with the use of IK/FK rig would be a drawn-out process which our competitors rely on.

Dynamic Capture

The patent pending system of Dynamic Motion Capture allows data to be manipulated by changing actor's skeleton rig "after" the mocap session (rigs not only include geometrical data, like height of limbs, but also kinetic, like friction of floor or shoes, or biological, like how skinny of fat). This means there is no need for a correct actor skeleton before a mocap session begins. There is plenty of time after the mocap session to try modifying the "Actor File" to effect every frame of the file with a single change to the 'Actor File'.

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