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Electro-Mechanical Motion Capture

The Gypsy motion capture system provides a better technology for majorities of motion capture situations.


Gypsy 6 full-body pricing starts below $25,000.
The Gypsy Torso starts below $12,000.


Gypsy quickly pays for itself, even on the first job. Smaller companies gain a huge competitive advantage once they begin working with the Gypsy.


Gypsy's standard range is up to one-third mile outdoors or up to 200 yards indoors. Using our propietary amplification antennas we are able to expand our potential range up to several miles / kilometers.

Operating Environment

Unlike magnetic systems which have big problems with metal in the environment, and optical systems that need a lot of dedicated controlled space, the Gypsy can be used just about anywhere. It is highly transportable as well.

Ease of Use

The Gypsy is tremendously easy to set up and use, and does not require highly skilled operators, unlike magnetic or optical system.


The Gypsy is always real-time, unlike many optical systems, and has less latency than magnetic systems.


Unlike magnetic systems, the Gypsy has no problems when the actor's azimuth approaches zero (horizontal)

Inner skeletal data

The Gypsy calculates the movements of the actor's inner skeleton, not just the movement of markers used to measure the motion.

For more information about the Gypsy Motion Capture System please click here.