Motion Capture Uses

Motion Capture for Education
Interactive Training

Access to motion capture technology can provide instructors and graduate students with brand new tools for developing training methods to better train their students. Imagine the insight that teachers and students could get into sports movements or dance movements with the aid of motion capture.

Psychology professors gain entirely new ways to conduct experiments. One of Meta Motion's first service jobs was helping a researcher from Yale Child Study Center develop a test for childhood autism that could be used on children as early as 2 years old.

Military trainers can help make sure their trainees master new skills correctly and are ready to take their training to the next level.

Athletic coaches can use motion capture to understand what physical differences exist in an athlete's swing or stride or pitch and help their athletes get out of their slumps and avoid bad habits that could cause permanent injury.

Motion capture provides students studying Interactive Curricula with brand new ways to allow their audience to participate in their creations. Blendid.NL is comprised of a group of former students that met while studying Interactive Curricula.