Motion Capture Uses

3D Animation Curricula

Motion Capture in the Classroom can be a great benefit for helping students learn about how the body moves and how to create convincing character animation. Though not a substitute for learning the basics of animation, motion capture systems can help students get a good starting point for creating animations. In the process of refinement they can develop a better understanding of how the body moves and how representation of body movement differs between realistic animation and stylized animation.

Most of the companies that make 3D animation software provide educational pricing making purchase of site licenses (or even copies for student use) a lot more affordable.

The motion capture systems offered by Meta Motion offer tremendous advantages over other systems, from the standpoint of price, ease of use and quality of data. Our PhaseSpace and IGS-190 systems can be used indoors or even outdoors in full sunlight - allowing students to quickly put together animation projects and portfolio pieces. While quickly learning the basics of motion capture, clean up and stylization the minimal learning curves of our technology will help students get results quickly - allowing them to learn the basics then develop and show off their talents and skills.