Motion Capture News

iPi Desktop Motion Capture

iPi Desktop motion captureā„¢ software is a new product that allows users to capture their motion inexpensively and easily without markers. It uses inexpensive WebCams starting at about $32 each and helps the user produce BVH and many other common motion capture file formats for use with Poser as Daz3D, Second Life, iClone, 3D studio Max and MotionBuilder. The software is free to use for 30 days.


The Acceleglove™ represents a new technology available for very low cost capture of finger and palm motions. It uses accelerometers to facilitate capturing finger motions as well as palm motions. This method of finger capture is unique in that it lets users create the finger to some motions at a very low price please note this is something that many much more expensive gloves cannot capture. It also allows powerful static and dynamic finger and hand analysis via OpenSource code. The Acceleglove is easy to use and easy to incorporate with your own software. Please visit the following section for more information.